Exciting News: Weekend.17 Welcomes AI Weekend in September!

This year's Weekend Media Festival is packed with even more exciting content

The Weekend Media Festival, the largest regional event of its kind, has always been at the forefront of trends and current affairs. This year, in addition to hosting representatives from the media, marketing, communication, and HR industries, it will also bring together leading figures from the regional and global communities who are spearheading the development of artificial intelligence tools. Set in the historic Tobacco Factory in Rovinj, this year’s festival promises to be a unique opportunity to explore the intersection of AI with business and media. In a world where artificial intelligence permeates nearly every aspect of our lives, the AI Weekend, taking place from September 19th to 22nd stands out as one of the first festivals to bridge the gap between the AI community and the broader business and media sectors.

“The Weekend Media Festival has continually evolved since its inception, expanding its horizons and embracing new realms each year. We’re committed to leading the way in trending topics, and this year’s Weekend.17 is no exception. Alongside the HR Weekend, which returns for its second edition this fall, we’re excited to host both local and international communities involved in AI-related fields. Last year, we delved into the multifaceted ways artificial intelligence is reshaping businesses. Now, as many draw parallels between the ongoing tech revolution and the emergence of the Internet, we’re even more convinced that these themes warrant a dedicated festival,” explained Tomo Ricov, director of the Weekend Media Festival and the Pepermint agency.

The AI Weekend will unfold simultaneously and at the same venue, with distinguished speakers hailing from both Europe and America. They will explore topics that scrutinize the sweeping changes artificial intelligence has already brought and will continue to usher in. The aim is to convene all experts in the idyllic town of Rovinj during the final weekend of September, a locale already esteemed for its networking opportunities, business idea exchange, and regional entertainment.

“The AI community in Croatia is excited to be part of Weekend.17 and to have the opportunity to expand knowledge and networks across various industries. Artificial intelligence has become ubiquitous in the modern world, touching virtually every industry and promising further advancements. Thus, the convergence of the media and marketing sectors with IT professionals was inevitable. Croatia has already demonstrated its strength in the technology sector, boasting a significant number of unicorns relative to its population. With this festival, we aim to position Croatia as a key player on the global tech conference map. Weekend.17 serves as an ideal platform for exchanging information, knowledge, and ideas, while also fostering connections between the global tech scene and the regional business community,” asserts Martina Silov, President of the Croatian AI Association and Director of AI Weekend.

The Weekend family has welcomed a new addition, joining the HR Weekend which impressed attendees in Rovinj last year. It ignited discussions within the rapidly expanding human resources industry, sparking important conversations among HR professionals, employers, and companies, as well as those interested in innovative strategies for managing human resources.

“The inaugural HR Weekend was such a hit that we’re gearing up for the second one with a slew of new features, including an extra venue where some of the world’s leading HR experts will take the stage. Today, HR isn’t just about managing personnel; it’s become a cornerstone of every company. Hence, the idea behind HR Weekend, a festival that transcends mere conference boundaries. It boasts numerous panels and presentations featuring key industry players, coupled with a weekend vibe packed with networking and enjoyable socializing. Moreover, all HR Weekend attendees will have access to the Weekend Media Festival and AI Weekend programs, and vice versa. Our aim from day one has been to integrate rather than isolate all participants,” stated Daniel Ackermann, director of HR Weekend.

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