Artificial Intelligence Expert Tobias Zwingmann Will Unveil the Secrets of AI Success and Failure at AI Weekend

During the first AI Weekend, global experts from Europe and America will converge in Rovinj to discuss the transformative impacts of artificial intelligence. Among the distinguished speakers attending AI Weekend is Tobias Zwingmann, a world-renowned artificial intelligence expert.

Tobias Zwingmann is a prominent author, speaker, and advisor on artificial intelligence. As the managing partner of the German AI consultancy, RAPYD.AI, he assists B2B companies worldwide in implementing AI and machine learning to foster growth and innovation. His lecture, “How to Fail with AI – and How to Succeed,” promises to provide profound insights into the world of AI. Through a combination of in-depth analysis and practical anecdotes, AI expert Tobias Zwingmann will illuminate the principles underlying both successful and unsuccessful AI projects, enabling attendees not only to initiate their next AI endeavor but also to ensure its success.

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See you in Rovinj!”