19th – 22nd OF SEPTEMBER 2024.

Majana Havranek, Head of Product at Mindsmiths, will teach us why creating a product goes deeper than just engineering and how emotions fit in!

Majana Havranek is a human-centric product professional with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. Her expertise lies in empathy and forging meaningful connections at the intersection of users, brands, and technology. By specializing in understanding human needs and identifying inefficiencies, she develops AI-powered products to address these challenges effectively.

At Mindsmiths, Majana was the pioneering product person, eventually building her own company’s product team and now serving as the Head of Product.

A passionate product enthusiast, she not only enjoys creating impactful products for users but also founded the Product Club—a community within the Croatian AI Association. This club unites product professionals from various industries, fostering knowledge sharing, support, and innovation.

As a part of our Product Panel, she will share why creating a product goes deeper than just engineering, and why emotions play a big part in it.

We can’t wait to see Majana’s extensive experience and passion at AI Weekend!