19th – 22nd OF SEPTEMBER 2024.

Gordan Kreković, CEO of Visage Technologies explores how proprietary AI can be made future-proof at AI Weekend.

Gordan Kreković, CEO of Visage Technologies since 2015, leads the development of advanced computer vision algorithms for automotive and face analysis tech. With his strong computing and leadership background, he guides the company's strategic direction and innovation, making him well-equipped to discuss future-proofing proprietary AI.

Gordan Krekovic is the CEO of Visage Technologies, a computer vision company developing algorithms for automotive applications (driver assistance and self-driving), and building technology for face analysis. With a PhD degree in Computing and 15 years of professional career in managing software products, teams, and companies, Gordan has a broad experience that interconnects research, engineering, and management. He is the author or co-author of more than 25 scientific papers and the Assistant Professor at Academy of Music.

On AI Weekend, together with Goran we will explore lessons from various companies and discuss how proprietary AI can be made future-proof, offering unique differential value!