19th – 22nd OF SEPTEMBER 2024.

Davor Aničić, CEO of Velebit AI, will share his experiences, including both successful and less successful cases, at AI Weekend

Davor Aničić is a seasoned business leader with a background in product management, heading a small, efficient, and highly experienced team at Velebit.AI.

His team implements B2B solutions and delivers AI services across various industries, including online marketplaces, publishing, e-commerce, gaming, biotech, and many others.

This AI expert has been a serial entrepreneur since the early days of the internet, with five years of experience in academia and 15 years in the corporate world. This includes holding various roles across industries such as telecommunications, online publishing, and technology transfer.

Driven to understand how AI will interact with humans and change our livelihoods in the years to come, he is ready to take our stage at AI Weekend!